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A full course of 5 x1 hour segments detailing all you need to know and apply from Setting up your Wallet to Diversifying your Blockchain Assets across 5 of the most powerful Coins in 2020 as endorsed by people like Teeka Tikwari, Rober Kyosaki, Mike Maloney and Charlie Shrem.

We cover the full spectrum of the Blockchain over 5 weeks to fast track your knowledge and position in this incredible space some say is the bedrock to the greatest wealth transfer mankind has known that is open to ALL who care to learn about it.

Let us take you through from the basics of Wallets, Exchanges and Tools, into the big picture of the Blockchain Universe and how industry and human interaction is changing, then finally into full positioning into Tokenomics, Digital Alchemy and Leverage to becoming your own Bank!

By the time the 5 weeks are complete you will not only understand what the Blockchain is, you will be well positioned to own a front seat as it becomes mass adopted in human society, globally.

We look forward to helping you get your journey to PRIVATE Asset Wealth under way....

$147.00 (+ 20% VAT)

Learn how to crypto trade to earn FREE bitcoin using this simple to use strategy. We will use the free tool Trading View. Using this tool, our strategy and other indicators that support our approach, you will be charting like a PRO in no time allowing you to make profits during a BEAR or BULL run.

Whether you are new to crypto trading or looking for a reliable method, this session is for you.


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Designed for those individuals who want to get a better understanding of their reporting obligations from a tax perspective.

Excited about your crypto journey, but haven't considered the tax implications?

Overwhelmed by the different asset classes and their tax treatment? Not sure what your tax exposure might be?

Didn't realise that swapping one crypto for another was a taxable event?

$197.00 (+ 20% VAT)

Do you ever find yourself thinking participating in blockchain technology takes your constant attention or you risk losing it all, or The digital asset market is too new or too volatile, or digital assets might be the biggest scam in history, and you don't want your family to think you're stupid?

  • Fear
  • Skepticism
  • Wallet hijacked
  • Don't know how to read the information
  • Minimal time and effort
  • Don't have a lot of money
$97.00 (+ 20% VAT)

Master Excel Spreadsheets and Build Your Business Faster

As DBM Coaches, we know that being able to manipulate data in spreadsheets allows you to understand your business and thus grow it faster. Let us show you how to master Excel so you can tweak your business performance quickly when it counts...

Our easy-to-follow 4 video course will empower you to take confident action. Plus our FREE monthly live workshops exclusive to course attendees allows you to ask us your most difficult questions and never be left on your own.

$97.00 (+ 20% VAT)

Welcome to our Blockchain Books Club course, recorded over several months last year.

Learn more about many of the blockchain, personal development, and financial education books that have helped shape our entrepreneurial world.

Find out why Leaders are Readers.

Get the understanding you've been looking for, that slight edge...

$97.00 (+ 20% VAT)

Being an Entrepreneur in the Blockchain sector can be a challenging and often lonely place.

Self-belief and Confidence are powerful tools to equip you for success.

This 8-part course will enable you to build the Eight Types of Confidence needed to Excel in your life as an Entrepreneur.

Complete with Mindmaps, PDF's, Powerpoint presentations, Checklists and Workbooks. 

$97.00 (+ 20% VAT)

The 10 parts in this course which has approximately an hour of videos for you to go through.  I have also prepared a worksheet for you and some points to consider and research to do.  One thing in this space (and in all learning) I have found is that exploring answers for yourself can be much more beneficial as a learner than being given all the data.

This space and new way of doing things is incredibly rewarding but understandably daunting in the beginning! Stick with it, I promise it will be worth it.

$97.00 (+ 20% VAT)

We know how confusing and overwhelming it can be to get started in crypto.  That is why this step-by-step guide has been designed to take you through the stages needed to get you started on the road to purchasing your own cryptocurrency, storing it securely and ensuring that you are not putting your crypto at risk.  In this course we will show you how to Open, set up security, transfer funds on exchange accounts, wallets and much more.u

Are you ready to get started on your journey into crypto?

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The biggest profits are made when a token is purchased before it's available publicly – at a pre/private sale. It is not uncommon for those who invest early to make astronomical gains, as the room for growth is exponential. Accessing these tokens can be daunting for an inexperienced investor, and many fall into the carefully laid traps by scammers. By taking this course, you can learn the most effective strategy to enable you to make large profits, whilst avoiding the scams that plague the crypto world. 

Over 12 modules, it provides the perfect foundation to get started. Designed to cater for all levels of knowledge, from beginner to advanced. This area of crypto is not for everyone, particularly those more risk averse. It would suit those who are eager to learn and enjoy more hands-on work, but can remain disciplined and level headed. It’s a fast-paced exciting place to be involved in and the potential for life changing profits is right here.

By Lee Markham

$125.00 (+ 20% VAT)

Once you have acquired your cryptocurrency assets on the blockchain, you may want to spend some of your assets for your daily necessities. Before spending your valuable assets, let me hold your hand as we look at what’s available in the market.

Let me show you how to choose a crypto debit/ credit card (payment gateways/fiat gateway cards) as well as how to avail of lending platforms that are suitable for your needs. The 10 modules, accompanied by over an hour of short videos, will assist you in making an informed decision before acquiring a card or engaging with a lending platform.

$97.00 (+ 20% VAT)
I believe we all have a Life Purpose and it is important that we discover what it is we were put on this earth to do. Clues to our Life Purpose can be found in the things we notice bring us joy or that we feel most passionate about. By identifying our life purpose or our "right livelihood” we can inject passion and determination into every activity we undertake. Knowing our purpose can bring an aspect of fun and fulfillment to virtually everything we do. You see, without a purpose in life, it's easy to get side-tracked on your life's journey. It's easy to wander and drift, accomplishing little. 

With a purpose, everything in life seems to fall into place. To be "on purpose" means you're doing what you love to do, doing what you're good at and accomplishing what's important to you. When you are on purpose, the people, resources and opportunities you need naturally gravitate toward you. The world benefits, too. 

This 3-part audio series will help you to get clear on your purpose, vision and goals for the next year.