DA Program


$1,900.00 (+ 20% VAT)

A full course of 5 x1 hour segments detailing all you need to know and apply from Setting up your Wallet to Diversifying your Blockchain Assets across 5 of the most powerful Coins in 2023 as endorsed by people like Teeka Tikwari, Robert Kyosaki, Mike Maloney and Charlie Shrem.

We cover the full spectrum of the Blockchain over 5 weeks to fast track your knowledge and position in this incredible space some say is the bedrock to the greatest wealth transfer mankind has known that is open to ALL who care to learn about it.

Let us take you through from the basics of Wallets, Exchanges and Tools, into the big picture of the Blockchain Universe and how industry and human interaction is changing, then finally into full positioning into Tokenomics, Digital Alchemy and Leverage to becoming your own Bank!

By the time the 5 weeks are complete you will not only understand what the Blockchain is, you will be well positioned to own a front seat as it becomes mass adopted in human society, globally.

We look forward to helping you get your journey to PRIVATE Asset Wealth under way....

$695.00 (+ 20% VAT)

Designed for those individuals who prefer personal mentorship for their blockchain business growth.

3.5 x 1hr live sessions

Be personally guided through a PROVEN process of Cashflow month over month. Work with four DBM Coaches to build a Road Map to Cashflow. From Zero to Income in 3 months. Additional capital will be required - minimum $100.00.

Approved and tested platforms designed to create short term Income. Leverage this into longer term Assets and Projects Turn your business from stalled to action in 3 months. Enjoy access to the complete DBM system. By far the most effective way to create INCOME.

Dates: 12 February 2024 | 26 February 2024 |11 March 2024 | 25 March 2024 at 09:00 UTC (running twice monthly)

$49.00 (+ 20% VAT)


Welcome to our brand new, totally interactive series of practical workshops to make you fully accountable and ready to accept financial abundance in the blockchain space.
Work with two DBM Academy Founder Coaches Mella and Robin, who will walk you through this comprehensive year-round program, step-by-step in real time and help you set up your blockchain businesses the right way, the very first time!

Learn from our two decades worth of experience and get to where you want to be much faster and with less headaches.

You will have your laptop open and be ready to work.

Each session is different and based on your needs at the time.

Benefit from small group sessions where you will receive individual attention and can feel free to ask any questions you like.

This holistic program will help you develop key skills in areas such as: 

  • mindset
  • money-management
  • productivity
  • wealth-building strategies
  • networking and residual income
  • security
  • growth.

Dates: 19 February 2024 | 18 March 2024 | 15 April 2024 |20 May 2024 | 17 June 2024 at 09:00 UTC (running monthly)

$49.00 (+ 20% VAT)

Factory Floor | Nexo Strategy - How to use Nexo as a BTC Generator.

Welcome to our special and totally interactive series of practical workshops to get you ready to Become Your Own Bank.
DBM Academy Founder Coach Robin will walk you through each of the steps in real time and help strategise with loans. 
You will need Nexo accessible on your computer and be ready to work.

Learn how you could have a loan for under 8% yet use that loan to generate over 100% per annum AND minimise tax. Win, win!

This is a 90 min session of how to strategise and use Nexo to your advantage. Learn to  borrow against your own assets - you keep the assets but use the “loan” to generate more income. Win, win!

On the LIVE call, some of the things we will help you with on the Mastering Nexo session are as follows

  • How to navigate Nexo and understand the power of collateralising your assets - "good debt"
  • Understand the importance of being Platinum status in Nexo to reduce loan interest
  • Break down the LTV ratio and show in real time
  • Activate a small loan to learn the skill of "doing" in real time.