DBM Blockchain Assets Course


Our flagship course covering the full range of Blockchain Education. We begin by understanding where you are in your journey and tailor the course to you. We then take a deep look at the current economic system, before providing you practical steps to empower yourself using Blockchain technology and its associated benefits.

Over 5 hours of education and skills that help propel your understanding of WHY the Blockchain is disrupting how the World operates and your opportunities in that change.

A full course of 5 x1 hour segments detailing all you need to know and apply from Setting up your Wallet to Diversifying your Blockchain Assets across 5 of the most powerful Coins in 2020 as endorsed by people like Teeka Tikwari, Rober Kyosaki, Mike Maloney and Charlie Shrem.

We cover the full spectrum of the Blockchain over 5 weeks to fast track your knowledge and position in this incredible space some say is the bedrock to the greatest wealth transfer mankind has known that is open to ALL who care to learn about it.

Let us take you through from the basics of Wallets, Exchanges and Tools, into the big picture of the Blockchain Universe and how industry and human interaction is changing, then finally into full positioning into Tokenomics, Digital Alchemy and Leverage to becoming your own Bank!

By the time the 5 weeks are complete you will not only understand what the Blockchain is, you will be well positioned to own a front seat as it becomes mass adopted in human society, globally.

We look forward to helping you get your journey to PRIVATE Asset Wealth under way....