Profits with Presales

The biggest profits are made when a crypto token is brand new and purchased before it’s sold to the public. It is not uncommon to hear of people making astronomical gains when investing in pre-sales, as the room for growth is enormous. Finding these tokens is no easy feat for an inexperienced investor, and many fall into the carefully laid traps by scammers. Learn the most effective strategy to enable you to make large profits, whilst avoiding the scams that plague the crypto world. 

This course is spread over 12 modules in video format. It provides the perfect foundation to build the confidence to get started. It has been designed with beginners in mind, so no assumption of existing knowledge is made, and everything has been explained thoroughly. Those intermediate to advanced users will find this a course extremely valuable, particularly if this area of investing interests you. What you learn in this course can be employed throughout your blockchain journey both in and out of the pre-sale world

The modules are:

  • The Binance Smart Chain
  • Setting up a MetaMask wallet
  • Finding new tokens
  • The best research tool available
  • Types of Tokens
  • How to choose a token to invest in
  • Types of scams
  • Rug pulls
  • The Strategy
  • Examples of huge profits
  • The tools you need
  • In conclusion

This area of crypto is certainly not for everyone, particularly those who are more risk averse than others. It would suit those who are eager to learn and enjoy more hands-on work, but can remain disciplined and level headed. It’s a fast-paced exciting place to be involved in, the potential for life changing profits is right here, but caution is essential and we discuss this in depth.

By Lee Markham