30 Day Money Challenge

This challenge can be just the catalyst you need to change your relationship with money for good and start attracting more and keeping more money in your life! Get the challenge now and receive daily instructions in written and audio format for 30 days. Each short downloadable audio is less than 10 minutes long. Each day you will learn a new money mindset affirmation, and you will also have a short exercise to do. These are a mixture of money mindset exercises, as well as practical exercises that will help you save and teach you to use money for its higher purpose in your life.

You will look at your money habits, how you spend money now, and how you want to spend money moving forward. You will have the opportunity to change your habits and make simple tweaks to keep more of your money for the things that are important to you. You will work on your purpose, vision and goals and SO MUCH MORE. This really is a LIFE-CHANGING challenge - take the challenge - and get a friend to do it with you, stay accountable to each other and change your lives! And remember... the more money you have, the more good you can do with it!

"Day 10 of the 30 Day Money Challenge - I am loving this challenge and Sarah just makes it all sound like perfect sense! The affirmations are what I love most so far and I definitely feel a shift in the way I am talking to myself about money. Thank you Sarah E McCalden for creating such a brilliant challenge. Can't wait to complete the next 20 days." - Nicky Hobson

"Wow. Just finished day 10 of 30 day money challenge. So Good! Really making me peel back the layers and reflect on what my spending habits have been and what I want them to be!! Thanks!" - Laurel Goulden-James

"The Money Challenge was great. I managed to save £1k and use it for something important, which was my goal. As per the challenge, I am going to be recording all I spend over the holidays." — Lisa McAlpine

"I've had so many money breakthroughs, it's blowing my mind. Firstly, I've been receiving money from so many unexpected places, literally on a daily basis and it's so affirming and awesome to see this in black and white on my tracker. I'm waking up feeling more empowered and powerful about money - in fact I've been finding myself waking up and saying out loud 'I am a magnet for money' and it turns out I am!" — Morna Haist