Coaching One-to-One, 1 hr | Mella Willemijn Wolters

Coaching One-to-One, 1 hr with Mella Willemijn Wolters

Time Zone: EUROPE

Dedicated to the person who would like a One-to-one with a DBM Coach.
1 hr
Time & Zoom to be discussed directly with the participant / coach

Willemijn is a graduate artist and professional photographer with an entrepreneurial, 'outside the box' approach to life. An adventurer, Willemijn has  traveled the world and even  sailed across the Indian Ocean and home educates her daughter.

Freedom is her passion. When she first heard about Bitcoin in 2010 her interest was awoken. It took her until 2012 to get her first BTC, initially just for fun. By 2015 she could see BTC was a currency that had the potential to change the world for the better.

Ever since she has been educating herself to understand more about blockchain, the technology and its possibilities. To date she has consulted over 200 people to become more knowledgeable in the realms of blockchain, enabling them to make suitable life choices & strengthen them in being their Authentik self.

Willemijn absolutely loves the accessibility of blockchain making it a great opportunity to change lives for the better. She’s very happy to see more and more people joining the blockchain movement.

Author / Co-Author of the programs:
3 Months to Cash Flow Programs