Coaching One-to-One, 1 hr | Leanne Jones

Coaching One-to-One, 1 hr with Leanne Jones

Time Zone: South East Asia

Dedicated to the person who would like a One-to-one with a DBM Coach.
1 hr
Time & Zoom to be discussed directly with the participant / coach

Leanne will be the first to admit that crypto was not something she thought would ever be a part of her daily life. There was a small degree of curiosity, but fear of this brave new world stopped her from looking into it further. From a very early age, she developed an entrepreneurial spirit which shaped her career decisions, always preferring the challenge of business ownership over working for someone.

Her latest venture manifested in a creative avenue when she began Sweet Lucy in 2015 – a cake and event studio. Hours were spent creating edible art for birthday celebrations, weddings and anniversaries. A niche of designing Cupcake Bouquets enabled her business to flourish when Covid 19 hit Australia and many businesses struggled to survive. At the end of 2020 however, a major change in Leanne’s personal life found her in a position where she had to restart her life. At that point she relied on what she knew best…cakes. So she took on as many orders as she could to pay the new and additional expenses. Working 60-70 hours a week soon saw her almost burn out and it was at this point that a friend introduced her to the world of crypto.

Like many new to crypto, she bought into a couple of coins and held on to them. Why? Because she had no idea that there was any other option available in the space.

Fate stepped in thankfully and she met Diana Rodriguez in 2022, one of DBM Academy’s founding coaches. Diana and the DBM team showed Leanne the full potential that cryptocurrency holds.

She is now coaching others to build solid, long term cashflow and a diversified portfolio. Her mission and passion are to reach as many people as she can to share the importance of education and support in taking control of their finances and future.

Leanne lives in sunny Queensland and is the proud mother of 6 children including a set of adult triplets.