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This challenge can be just the catalyst you need to change your relationship with money for good and start attracting more and keeping more money in your life!

Get the challenge now and receive daily instructions in written and audio format for 30 days. Each short downloadable audio is less than 10 minutes long. Each day you will learn a new money mindset affirmation, and you will also have a short exercise to do. These are a mixture of mindset exercises, as well as practical exercises that will help you save so that you can use money for its higher purpose in your life.

This really is a LIFE-CHANGING challenge - and remember... the more money you have, the more good you can do with it!

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The ability to use an existing and trusted Academy to educate your communities.

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A bundle to ensure you can be on top of all things financial.


Master Excel Spreadsheets and Build Your Business Faster

As DBM Coaches, we know that being able to manipulate data in spreadsheets allows you to understand your business and thus grow it faster. Let us show you how to master Excel so you can tweak your business performance quickly when it counts...

Our easy-to-follow 4 video course will empower you to take confident action. Plus our FREE monthly live workshops exclusive to course attendees allows you to ask us your most difficult questions and never be left on your own.


Crypto Accounting & Taxes

Designed for those individuals who want to get a better understanding of their reporting obligations from a tax perspective.

Excited about your crypto journey, but haven't considered the tax implications?

Overwhelmed by the different asset classes and their tax treatment? Not sure what your tax exposure might be?

Didn't realise that swapping one crypto for another was a taxable event?

If you don’t have an accurate picture of your exposure, you are open to the taxman’s interpretation of your activity. Crypto is giving you the power back. Financial sovereignty is not just about how much money you make but about how much you keep and how you look after